This past season, on the set of Ballers, I did something different with our entire crew, something we all could do, not just the guys but the ladies as well. 

When I first started working on TV, a while back, there were the seasoned professionals that would yell out on Thursdays at wrap, "Tie day Friday, don’t forget to wear your tie tomorrow". They would even have the AD’s put it on the call sheet in parentheses, (Tie Day Friday). The pioneers that we have followed use to wear a tie every day to work. Actually, they would wear a wool suit, sometimes, a 3 piece wool suit. They walked on the stage and would hang the jacket very neatly and get to work laying track,
putting up lights, everything we still do now, but they did it with a lot more style.

Today, we have become casual. A t-shirt and denim are now ok to wear to work. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with it.  I know it gets hot and some of the work the guys and ladies do these days you would not want to be caught in a long sleeve shirt and tie, much less a suit! But let’s work on bringing style back to our workplaces. Help me keep the ball rolling, by making every Friday Tie day. By the end of our season, I had crew guys tell me that they actually started to look forward to Fridays. I personally enjoy wearing ties and it gave the crew something to look forward to and talk about. You want to attract some attention at the office or wherever your workplace is? Start wearing a tie on Friday, and people will notice. Tag me with some of your "Tie Day Friday" photos! Shoutout to my BallersS4 crew! 

Blessings, Mata 

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